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These Face Massages Make A Big Change For Your Skin

Author: Nastaran Zareie

Category: wellness Beauty Self Care

1398-08-20 | 2019-11-11

 These Face Massages Make A Big Change For Your Skin


Raise your hands if you love getting massages!

When the words ‘pamper’ or ‘spending my time’ come to your head, the first thing that you can relate to is getting a massage done.

Don’t you think we’re a bit biased towards our body and the head when it comes to getting a massage? But your face, with all that it undergoes throughout the day, too needs all the pampering!

Face massages are quite the trend this season. Everyone has been raving about them, and we can totally understand the hype! Massaging your face not only boosts your blood circulation but also tones your skin and removes the toxins from it, giving your face a brilliantly radiant glow.

To top it all, it reduces signs of ageing and even distresses you.

Before the Massage:
Clean your hands properly before giving yourself a facial massage. You don’t want the bacteria on your hands to get onto your face, leading to a breakout eventually. Apply some moisturizer or olive oil as well for this massage routine, so that your face stays hydrated.


This helps to smooth and relax the muscles and improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles brought on by stress.

Place fingertips together in the middle of the forehead with hands and elbows out, press firmly. Next glide with fingers together with slight pressure to the temples, press and release. Repeat 3 times.

Massage The Sides of Your Face. 

Using the same wide circular strokes, massage along the sides of your jaw, past the corners of your mouth, next to your nostrils, an over your cheekbones. Push your skin up, then out; never down, since this can cause sagging to occur. Continue for one minute.

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MASSAGE #3: Massage Your Eye Area.

 Position your fingers at the arch of your brows. Sweep them around the outside corners of your eyes, gently move them under your eyes, and end with your fingers at the inside corners of your eyes. Continue along up the sides of your nose and along your brow lines. Repeat the motion for one minute.

  • Massaging your eye area helps combat puffy eyes, leaving the area brighter and more youthful looking.
  • Use extra oil if necessary to prevent your fingers from dragging the delicate skin around your eyes.


MASSAGE #4: Massage Near the Corners of Your Mouth.


A firming, lifting massage focuses on areas where the skin tends to droop. Using the tips of your fingers, make tight circular motions over the lines on either side of your mouth. Always apply upward pressure to help lift the skin instead of dragging it down. Continue for one minute.

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